Below are some helpful web links for industry sources providing information on drugs, workplace testing programs, industry regulations, etc.

Information about the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance:

Need help setting up custom tailored Drug Free Workplace policies and programs? For helpful tools visit SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration):

Need help with Medical Review of non-negative results? Seek the help of a Medical Review Officer.

International Employee Assistance Professionals Association:

CPT Billing Code Fee Reimbursements:

FDA 510K information:

National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Society of Forensic Toxicologists:

DATIA – Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association:

SAPAA – Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association

Questions or need assistance interpreting your state drug testing laws or need specific training? There is a for fee consultant that many companies use – Current Consulting.

DEA Law Enforcement Drug Slang Reference Guide

DEA Drug Facts