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Online drug test results management

NEW! DrugCheck® Online Management System™

Let OMS do the work

Manage multiple aspects of your onsite drug testing program, including testing procedures, results management, and training with the DrugCheck® Online Management System™ (OMS). Simplify results record-keeping, track testing, and refer back to previous tests from any computer with Internet access.

Reduce costs and simplify processes with online drugs of abuse:

  1. Training and certification
  2. Testing procedures
  3. Record-keeping
  4. Reports
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OMS Training headline

Comprehensive training in the proper use of DrugCheck® devices, as well as general drugs of abuse information, is available to all registered users. Training Programs includes five sections: Drug Testing Training; NxScan (flat panel) Cup; NxStep (round) Cup; Dip Drug Test; Training Exam.

Drug test collection procedure
Drug test training certificate

Training allows users to work at their own pace with buttons for next, back, and home. Users can become certified and instantly print a personalized certificate upon successful completion of the online exam.

OMS Testing Resources headline

Download helpful documents in PDF format for quick reference during testing, including product inserts and tables outlining cross reactivity and characteristics of numerous drugs of abuse.

OMS Record-keeping headline

As the most powerful tool in the DrugCheck® OMS™, the Results Management section allows users to quickly enter donors and test results and refer back to the data from any computer with Internet access. All tests recorded for a donor can be saved and are accessible only to the person who administered the test (and company administrators).

OMS Specimen Record image

Results panels on NxScan Cups and Dip Drug Tests can be scanned for upload to the DrugCheck® OMS™. Once saved, the donor’s complete Specimen Record can be securely viewed, printed, or emailed from any computer with Internet access.

scan or copy flat-panel drug test devices

OMS Reports headline

Track your testing program with ease through the Reports section of the DrugCheck® OMS™:

  • Screened Positive and Screened Negative Results
  • Lab Confirmed Positive and Lab Confirmed Negative Results
  • Number of Tests Taken
  • Tests Pending Lab Confirmation
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