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Pain Management Drug Testing for patient monitoring

CLIA waived urine drug test cup

With the DrugCheck Waive RT CLIA-waived device (G0434QW), physicians can perform diagnostic tests in their offices, and if required, send the specimen to the laboratory for confirmation testing of prescribed compounds or additional drugs not detected by the on-site device. Physicians should verify reimbursements for on-site diagnostic kits with their insurance providers.

Laboratory reimbursed pain management tests with Rx-Check comprehensive testing

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The DrugCheck Waive RT device coupled with complete urine drug testing profiles through our laboratory partner assist physicians in assessing the pharmacological status of their patients. Three comprehensive laboratory profiles allow physicians to customize urine drug screens to their patients’ needs, including illicit drugs of abuse and most opioids. This pain management lab service provides physicians the option to select individual test(s) or customized panels to meet the needs of their monitoring program. GC/MS or LC/MS/MS confirmation include:

  • Standard pain management tests
  • Illicit drug tests
  • Specialty urine drug tests and
  • Specimen validity tests

Custom urine drug testing profiles can be created using a wide range of tests to help physicians determine course of treatment when prescribing pain medications for their patients, including detection of prescription drug diversion and illicit drug use. Panels for acetaminophen, carisoprodol (Soma), and meperidine (Demerol) are just a few of the expanded specialty tests available.

For more information on Rx-Check™ Pain Management Drug Testing for patient monitoring, please call 888-466-8433.

Rx-Check image with Waive RT CLIA waived urine drug test cup

Rx-Check Pain Management Drug Testing Program information for distributors and independent reps

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