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UrinCheck HealthScreen-10 urine reagent strips header image

UrinCheck HealthScreen-10 Reagent Strips for urinalysis

Note: This product is CLIA waived.

HealthScreen-10 Urine Reagent Strips are comprised of 10 different reagent areas affixed to firm plastic strips. Packaged in a plastic bottle with a twist-off cap, each strip is stable and ready to use. Each strip is disposable.

HealthScreen-10 is intended to provide semi-quantitative determination of glucose, bilirubin, ketone, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, and leukocytes in urine. Test results may provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and bacteriurea.

Procedure  Dip test strip into urine sample for 5 seconds, exposing all test pads to the sample. Remove from sample and compare color on reagent pads with the color blocks printed on the label of the bottle. No calculations or laboratory instruments are required.

HealthScreen-10 urine reagent strip color chart image

HealthScreen-10 procedure

Tests for:

# UC81200, Bottle of 100

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