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QED® A150 Saliva Alcohol Test

The QED Saliva Alcohol Test, CLIA waived and DOT approved, is intended for the rapid, accurate quantitative determination of alcohol in saliva. Comparison studies show a correlation coefficient of 0.98 when comparing the QED Saliva Alcohol Test to GC/MS (gas chromotography/mass spectrometry).

  • CLIA waived and DOT approved saliva alcohol test
  • Quantitative results in 2 to 5 minutes
  • Reads like a thermometer
  • Long shelf life
  • Built-in quality control spot
  • High correlation to blood analysis for alcohol
  • Non-invasive
  • No instrumentation required

QED A150 saliva alcohol offers on-site simplicity with clinical lab accuracy and quantitative results

The QED Saliva Alcohol Test can be used as an accurate screen in place of blood or breath tests. In clinical trials, saliva alcohol levels measured by the QED onsite test demonstrated high correlation to blood analyzed by GC/MS (r = 0.98). The QED A150 Saliva Alcohol test has a quantitative range of 0-145 mg/dL (0.0% - 0.145% BAC).

Q.E.D. (Saliva) vs. G.C. (Whole Blood) Study conducted at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA